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                                 A forgotten teacher, late Dhaam-da

  This time I wish to write about a primary teacher who has contributed so much to the society besides school job. He was sober, silent, hard working and his dedication to job and community has been praiseworthy. I appreciate his managing and organizing potential. Organizing national and community festivals successfully for more than a decade was unbelievable. Although he had to face many hurdles on the way, however, he with the support of all particularly contemporary youth did amazingly. That was the time when primary teachers used to get pay after many months. Being the only bread winner in the family it was difficult for him to pull on family smoothly, however, he never complained about the problems that he was facing before elders of village and they were convinced teacher Dham Singh despite so many constrains is competent to conduct such celebrations with innovative ideas. His contribution to the society has been commendable and huge.

  Prabhat phery was started by freedom fighters of village burfu just after independence in the early morning on 15th august constantly onwards 1956. I still recollect the following lines.

           De di ajadi hamai, kharak bina dhal,
                                                                      Sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamal:
  These lines were sung in praise of Mahatma Gandhi who was inseparable part of national freedom movement inspired thousands of Indians to join the movement using non violence as weapon against the dominant military power British Army This is the unique example in the history of world that an armless movement wins over the well equipped modern army. Victory of non-violence well accepted by the world. In other words win over tormentors by victims.

   Since our first mission to free India from British rule was over and second phase of struggle was to take off to free India from poverty, illiteracy, untouchability, unemployment, non existence of health care facility, lack of basic infrastructure and miserable condition of Indian women. Awakening in terms of erasing all the miseries the following lines which were sung during prabhat phery still stick my mind. 
      Utah jag musafir ab bhore bhai, ab chain kaha Jo sowat hai.
       Jo sowat hai so khowat hai. Jo jagat hai so powat hai
 Bharat mata ki jai!  15th august jindabad!  Mahatma Gandhi ki jai!!

  In fact it was late Krishna Nand Joshi who was our purohit as well as teacher during 1950s. His contribution in organizing 15th August our independence day and other important local festivals effectively can not be ignored. Dham singh ji continued and tried to modify according to time. As our elders wished purpose of celebration was clear i.e. to spread the massage of patriotism among the people particularly young generation across the valley, maintaining the cultural values of valley tribe and motivating youth to reinvent our early traders tremendous zeal, courage and determination to make trans Himalayan trade profitable ignoring all the odds on the way. How they were successful in building strong relationship with counterparts who were not within their domain?  This clearly reveals that our early traders were excellent in bonding strong relationship for the success of safety and expansion of trade.

  In Johar valley I remember Independence Day celebration, Sri Krishna Janmaasthami were beautifully celebrated with Great Spirit and fanfare. Since we used to migrate during those early days, after reaching dumar munsiari Sri Hari Pradasani samaroh which has a significance for the johar valley people was celebrated every year in the month of November where local leaders, social workers, officials and area people used to participate, so to conduct such a big show was tedious task but dhaam-da successfully organized for such a long period, although he was transferred to other schools and his family too had shifted to other place near Munsiari.

  He possessed a huge heart. His commitment and dedication in exploring the theme of celebrations, as desired by elders is commendable. In fact he never complained about his personal problems and continued gaving services for social cause besides his dedication to his job. It is really admirable. His family also always supported him in his endeavor to harness his talent for the society. Support of family was the strength for him. Lok Bahadur Jangpangi his eldest son who is associated with a regional party is following his steps and is in the organizing committee and has been very active during these years. Late dhaam-da a successful teacher, can not be forgotten who has contributed so much to the society, never aspired for publicity, no self exaggeration for personal benefit as it has a fashion now a days to call themselves as social worker, leader, writer, historian so and so. We wish his calmness; sober behavior and dedication always will be remembered as long as these national and other festivals are celebrated.

 Date—28-1-2011                                                               Devender Jangpangi         

Thursday, December 2, 2010

marketing of natural taj

             Johar munsiaree Watch,
    Marketing of natural Taj

Reaction on dereservation—many years ego   during summer   in the 1ST   fortnight of  June  Johar sanskritik sangsthan Luck now was celebrating its silver jubilee  in munsiaree and a   seminar was being organized  in the government college  auditorium, theme of seminar was, after effect of dereservation?At that time  I was also on  leave in    munsiaree  my  loving and  beautiful  home  place, therefore I  decided to participate and share my views with the  respectable audience. Notably top officials of uttrakhand government from Johar valley who were associated with JSS,after the formal opening started briefing on reservation, the constitution and its provisions and suggested many ways to look forward positively. So many options were suggested by various small groups in the seminar. Some angrily telling reservation can not be withdrawn; others coming forward with idea that business is the option, some one said educate the children that are the real wealth   and asset for us.  In other words it was about   the importance of knowledge power.  And some    people    explaining    if    there   is dereservation that will bring a change we need to see the impact on young generation and change is always    for   good. Comments were definitely   appreciable   and    meaningful.  Nevertheless, reservation facility has brought economic and social growth and change in our community as a whole, however, this can not be granted for ever. It is true   once   we    are    availing the benefit    of    this    facility all   of   the    sudden    we anticipate about    the   possibility    of    withdrawal    of    reservation, it is obvious we   shall    feel    uncomfortable as community  feels it is a cozy route to grow. But    we    need    patience    and    energy    to    fight    the    situation    as    well    as    preparations   at    the    earliest    with    determination    and    sincerity    taking    the    guidance    of    excellent    performers   in    their    respective    fields,   think-tank   of    our    valley    and    establishing   better    communication    among    the    young    generation    for    the    benefit    of    their    future.

Share experience and knowledge--Although economic condition of Johar valley people was far better than other inhabitants of the area, however, after the India china war Trans Himalayan trade was completely stopped as a result each family was worried about livelihood and future. Since I was to speak on marketing of natural Taj i.e. Panchachuli range of peaks besides other natural beauties and at the same time tough to conquer     my    idea    was    to   share    my    experience,   information    and    knowledge   that I   had    gained    being    in    marketing    side    in    life    insurance     of     India. I consider     myself    fortunate    to    have    served    in    the     organization    where    the    systematic working helped    me   a    lot.   Hence    I   wish    to    illustrate example    in   a    few    lines .that-- although    without    planning,    execution    and review,   we can not   think   of    any    business making progress and sustainable. Being a student    of    mathematics I took    keen    interest in planning, when I was   in    Baraut    branch    of   Meerut    division    where    I    prepared    Dev   officers     profile; it    was   indeed    a    huge    task    being    new    in the new cadre.   And    our    branch    was   first   to   submit    in    the    Divisional    office.    Interestingly    planning department    was created first    time    in    the    divisions. This helped me to know about    the    geography    of    the   branch    area,   knowing    about    people   and    their    occupations,   assessment     about    the    productivity   and    calculating    the    insurable     population   and    finally    on    the    basis    of    these    information   and    data    available, we were assessing new    business    projections. Therefore I sincerely wish to focus on planning. Hence I started    observing    every    thing    minutely,   analyzing    results    and     when I got   posted at Agra where I was astonished to find how Taj Mahal has contributed    tremendously    in    the   economic    development    of    Agra. I    wanted     to     share     my    experience    and    knowledge    for    the    benefit    of   area. My thinking was, we have the natural Taj which can be harnessed for economic growth and employment generation.   This    was    the    reason    I emphasized     in    the    seminar    that    the    beautiful    monument    the   Taj    mahal    which    was    built    by    Shahjahan    the    Mugal    emperor    in    the    memory   of    his    beloved     wife     Mumtaj    can    attract    lacs    of    Indians    and    foreign     tourists     every     year   to    Agra, it has become source of livelihood for numerous people who are directly and indirectly related with tourism. A contemporary French traveler   cum    businessman   who   visited    India frequently and was the witness from the   start    of    construction    of    this    beautiful    monument     up   to    the    completion has    also    mentioned    about    time   taken,   laborers   engaged   and   the    cost    evolved   in    his    memoirs   which    were later   compiled   and    given   the   form     of   a   book   by   another    writer.   Surprisingly    there    is    no    mention   of   emperor   shahjahan’s   immense   love   for    his   wife. This   book was   given   to   me   for   reading   by   my   landlord    Mr.Gupta   a   famous   environmentalist   in   Mussorie   during   my   posting   there.   My   question   was   why    not    we?

Incash  natural treasure--since    we    have    natural    Taj    the    fantastic    panchachuli    peak,   other    famous    peaks    like Nandadevi  ,   Har   deval,    beautiful    glaciers   Milam  glacier   and    Ralam   glacier,   amazing    Mapa   water   fall    and    bugyals    of    Martoli,   Pachhu   and    Ganghar   likewise    other    items    to    attract    the    mountaineers ,   trekkers    and    adventure   tourists.   Only    the    need   is   extensive   publicity,   providing     infrastructure   avoiding     inconvenience    to    tourists    which   are    lacking    in   our    area.   This    can    be    possible    only    with    the   active  involvement    of    government    in    promoting     adventure    tourism    and    eco   tourism   in    this    extreme    border    area     employment    will    be    generated    in    the    region    thus    migration    of    local    people    can    also    be    stopped.  Therefore    we    can    be    witness    to    the    total    transformation    of    people    of    this    region.    We    must    understand    we    can    not    survive    on    the    facilities    provided   by    government for    long   time this    develops    inferiority     complex and confidence deficit in  young    generation.   We    must    learn    to    see    beyond    the    reservation    and     enable    our    people     to    face    competition   and    endeavor    for    excellent     performance    in     their    respective    field.  

Besides     lacs    of    people    earning    their    livelihood    directly    from    tourism    there     are    others    who    are    earning    indirectly.   Carpet   industry    is    flourishing     because    of    foreign    tourists   and    marvel    carving    work    has    become    a    source    of    income    for    many. Illustrating various examples    I   tried    to    convince   the    audience    that    we    too    can    generate maximum   employment, develop    the    area    economically,   prevent    migration    and    eliminate    poverty    through    marketing    of    natural   Taj, promoting    of    adventure   tourism    and    eco   tourism related    businesses    will    automatically     flourish.   Our    famous    local    products   like    carpets,   pasminas   and   tweeds   get   will    considerable    scope    for   sale.   Hotel    business    has    already    started    developing.  But    we    have    to   consider    that    we    should    not    exploit    the    nature    extensively   for    our    benefits.   Otherwise    natural    calamities    will   occur    and    people    will    have    to   face    the destructions and devastations and horrible   consequences. Therefore    area    should   be    careful    about    greedy    people in the area have no love for the nature’s gifts. My sincere   request    is    we    must    remember    “sustainable    development    sustainable    biodiversity” must    be    our    slogan    while    we    talk    of    promoting    of    mountaineering,    adventure   tourism    and    trekking.

Accept the change--The    theme    of    seminar “after effect of erased   reservation?”, inspired    me    to   speak    in    the    seminar    before    the    huge    attendance   of    high    profile   officers  of    johar    valley,   community    social    workers    and    active    members    of    johar    sanskritic    sangthan    lucknow    to    share   my    experience,   knowledge    and    information.   Since    I    appreciated    the    theme    and    apprehension    of    the    sansthan    about    future    of    community   and    young    generation    in    particular can be overcome by accepting the change and increasing energy level.  I    do    also    consider    that    still    we    are in the habit living in    the    comfort    zone.  We    do    not   try   to   know    what    is   happening    around     us.  Need    not    to   be    complacent.   We    must    understand    reservation    comforts    are   not     guaranteed    for    a     long    time.   We    should    be    prepared    for    the    inevitable    change   and    face    the    challenges    which    are   ahead    of    us.   The    positive    facts    before    us    is    that    the    world    famous     explorers   of    our    valley,   the    vibrant   and    dedicated    freedom   fighters    in    large    numbers   from    extreme    border   area   of   ours,   famous   and    tough   mountaineers ,   skiers ,   officers   and    jawans    of    2nd   world    war,   courageous   and    tactful   businessmen      of    pre    1962   china-India   era    doing    business    with  Tibet    part    of    china , “   besides    business    they    had    to    face   the    deadly   robbers   who    used    to    move    in    flocks    looting    and    running “,  were    not    the    products    of     reservation   instead    they    were    ordinary   men    who    did     extraordinary    work. 

I    felt   content    in    sharing    my    experiences, knowledge    and   information    with    the    respected    audience   and    put    my     suggestions    before    them    for    consideration.   Once    again    I    congratulate   JSS Luck now    for    organizing    valuable   and    useful    seminar   in   the    interest    of    community.   Their    futuristic    approach    was    commendable.  My   idea    of    marketing    of    natural    Taj      definitely     should    have    created    vibrations among the respected people present in the well attended successful meeting    for    the   new    concept    presented    by   me.    However    in    the    marketing    of    natural    gifts    we    have    to    translate     thoughts,    dreams    in to   positive practical    results    in    order   to   generate    significant    employment    in    the    area.  This    should    be    our    marketing    funda    which    will    definitely   bring   astonishing    results.  I   placed    my    thoughts   as    we    know    the    world    is    changing    around    us    constantly   therefore    we    too    need    to    change   in The interest of future generation     and    must    look   beyond    the    comfort    zone.  This is  an established  theory  for  the  progressive  people  who  change  according  to  time  and  circumstances,  history is  witness.


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    Johar-munsiari watch  

      The honorable Member of Parliament
       Sri Pradeep Tamta
        New Delhi
Dear Sir,
                           Re.-renovation of Hari Samarak (memorial) or side development

  We have been organizing Hari Pradasani Samaroh in the memory of daring freedom fighter and a great social reformer Sri Hari Singh Jaangpangi and other freedom fighters in village Dumar, Munsiari every year in the 1st week of November for more than five decades. In 2009 Hari Pradasani Samiti had requested as a chief guest and inauguration of exhihibition by you sir. People of entire area were happy to find their M.P. for the first time in the function in many decades. At the same time they expressed their happiness in your announcement of Rs2 lac either for repair of Sri Hari Samarak or additional work so that, it can enhance the facility for the convenience of extreme border people who gather every year for samaroh. Further, your assurance brought new rays of hope in the border people and was convinced that central government is serous about the development of this part of border area and willing to pay respect for contribution freedom fighters have who dared to tolerate to the extreme for the cause of nation’s freedom. It will definitely make a difference. Sir, it is not mela but an occasion to remember those freedom fighters who risked their lives for the independence of India even from the remotest and extreme India- Tibet border of Johar valley led by congress during freedom struggle. My appeal is please advice HariPradasani Samiti malla Dumar, Munsiari about the procedure to apply. However, you may direct the concerned authorities to select a government agency on the basis of competitive cost of construction. 
. However, we wish your goodness to apprize us about the fate of announcement. We have high hopes from our hard working and committed M.P. who expresses his deep respect for those who participated in freedom movement. They are the forgotten heroes of freedom movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. Tamtaji also wants to work for the development of common man, rural people, and border people and down trodden. Sir we shall appreciate your positive response in terms of budget allocation in order to enable samiti to organize the function in the memory of a true patriot, spirited  freedom fighter and unbelievable social reformer ( really a pride of Johar valley ) with greater zeal.

Thanking you! 


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my memoir encounter with furious customer

My memoir – encounter with furious customer

   I wish to illustrate here a case study about my encounter with a fiery and disappointed customer. During 1990s I was posted in Agra CBO-4 as ABM (sales) in Raja ki Mandi. One day when I was reviewing new business performance of dev officers and agents in the mean time an old man entered in the cabin, he was breathing terribly and staring at me angrily as sales department was in the first floor he had to come upstairs. I had never met him earlier and the moment he came inside my room his first question was, are you Mr. Jangpangi? My response was yes! Sir, He said, why are you sitting here? It was a bit uncomfortable question to me, and then suddenly I requested him to please sit down and offered him a glass of water. After taking water old man was relaxed then I inquired if he had any problem regarding our policy serving, he told his son was in infantry he had purchased a multi purpose policy, so as per policy conditions after death his wife gets monthly instalement regularly by post. But this time she has not received cheque, that’s why I had come to inquire in the ground floor I was told to meet you to tell our grievance. I requested the old man to please do favor giving policy number of the deceased, your late son. He gave me policy number, I requested to wait for ten minutes, I went to dispatch department asked record clerk to let me know about the fate of claim cheque, he went through the record and gave me registered number, date of dispatch and assured me to day registered letter containing cheque should be delivered. After getting satisfactory answer he was convinced.

  To my surprise the person who was so much annoyed and behaving so horribly with us in the beginning looked to be in a relaxed mood, mild smile was clearly visible in his face, then he asked me where you belong. My humble answer was Pithoragarh he immediately said basically he belonged to Almora after retirement from army as major he settled in Agra. Thanking with a smile, giving visiting card invited me to come to his house for a cup of tea. To me cup of tea does not matter what is important that how efficient service we can provide to the customer and thereafter body language and facial expression clearly indicates a sense of content and happiness which can be realized not expressed in words. This is the real achievement in one’s life. if  after service you get the best compliments from the customer it is the real wealth you have earned, it hardly matters in which capacity we are working. In many departments our people have gone through ST route but they have made their presence because of their efficient and sincere, working and intellect. Our ordinary people are doing extraordinary work. There are many such cases which I shall mention in future in order to focus to improve performance by developing knowledge and creativity skills.

  I am inspired to write such case studies, because one morning I was just thinking about books and magazines, suddenly I remembered seventy’s when I was a regular reader of Readers digest there was an article written by a U.S. army personnel who was posted in South Korea. I wish to share with all. It is story of New York City’s news paper boy according to him his father was the only bread winner in the family, to pull on family expenses his father was working as a carpenter, working as a salesman in a shop in the evening and weekend selling insurance policies of a company. But after some years his health started deteriorating after a brief illness he died. There was a question of survival that time this boy was studying in the school. Ultimately responsibility to look after family fell on his soldiers. He approached paper distributor for work. After much persuasion anyhow news paper distributor agreed to give him one lane to sell papers with the condition that sale of paper should improve. Paper boy started distributing consistently papers timely and safely. His commitment for the best service made him famous in the area. Satisfied with his work distributor gave more lanes to operate. Paper was being distributed well in time neat and readable, whether it was rainy day or snow falling. Customers were very happy and satisfied with the delivery system and excellent service being provided by him, so housewives in the lane decided since this boy is the best news paper boy they have found so far therefore decided to present Christmas gift. One day while he was on distributing process visiting some houses he found none to receive the paper, a bit worried thinking customers may be dissatisfied with service, what he noticed ladies have gathered in one of the client’s flat, before he could apologize in case they have any complaint regarding distribution of news paper to his astonishment he found one of the ladies coming forward to welcome him and told to come inside. she told, you are the best paper boy we have seen so far therefore they have decided to present him Christmas gift a cycle with attached battery so that your movement becomes comfortable and convenient. Gift is in appreciation of your impressive, excellent and satisfying work system After doing high school he joined U.S. army and handed over news paper work to his younger brother. He wrote from South Korea, I do not know how he is doing but emphasized whatever you do big or small if you do sincerely and efficiently and work is appreciated the happiness that you get on your achievement  can not be expressed in words it can only be felt immensely with gratitude throughout the life.



Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hari Pradarshini

         Johar munsiyari watch

  Hari pradasani samaroh, village- dumar / burfu

  Every year Sri Hari pradasani samiti organizes hari pradasani samaroh w.e.f. 5th  to 7th November in the memory of late hari Singh jangpangi, a fierce orator, undoubtedly the most aggressive, vibrant and forceful freedom fighter and an amazing social reformer among other freedom fighters of johar valley. The specialty of jangpangi was after independence he continued his struggle for social awareness in terms of elimination of poverty, termination of illiteracy, removal of menace of untouchability, empowering women, empowering village panchayats, encouraging cooperative societies . As a matter of fact hari singh jangpangi was a staunch follower of Gandhi who led the freedom movement in the country, his priority / dream was to free India from foreign rule. Once independence was achieved second phase of Gandhi’s movement for social justice and communal harmony had begun and after his assassination his disciples decided to spread the massage of great saint throughout the nation and truthfully act upon his vision, but could not get decisive support because significant number of people were in favor of industrialization and during that period there was no hue and cry for pollution hazards, however, zeal of his followers did not diminish. Hari Singh was deeply impressed and admired social justice principle of Gandhi. He effectively worked for downtrodden and socially neglected class.

  Hari Singh popularly known as hari-da worked for the poor segment of our valley. He established Gandhinagar near madkot for the harijans of Burfu village and worked for their upliftment, he also founded a union of small scale traders to fight against monopoly of the big traders and helped them get cloth quota from the government .This made his work exemplary and his reputation as a social reformer improved tremendously .His close associates were Late Nari ram and Late Madhav Singh Jangpangi both freedom fighters who also contributed to his vision with the same passion. However due to his consistent movements and meetings he fell ill and expired .Society was deprived of his noble services which was genuinely required by poor section of our valley. Under the leadership of late Nar Singh Jangpangi with others (freedom fighters, social workers, traders and women) of johar valley decided to construct a memorial called hari samarak and hari pradasani samiti foundation was laid, that would organize function / exhibition every year in the month of November. The dreams of the most admired leader and a true social reformer of Johar Valley were carried on.

 Exhibition includes sale of woolen products like pasmina, carpets of different sizes, thulma, pankhi, maflar, tweeds etc. high Himalayan herbs and plants, other agricultural products which are useful for medicinal purposes. It was in order to encourage and provide marketing facility at door step to our weavers and growers. Expert’s advices regarding High altitude farming has given a confidence boost to farmers and economic stability .
Other programs are also included for various age groups of students to make them disciplined citizens of India, folk song and folk dance like dhuska chachuri, shoguna marriage songs etc. Competitions like Murga jhapat, Teen Per ki daud, katai dangal, tug of war like entertaining competitions for youth clubs and mahila mangal dal of villages. It is an effort to preserve our culture, tradition and values, simultaneously to provide a marketing platform for producers at their doorsteps who can not afford to go to market places to sell their items .It is a fantastic time to visit our native place when all have come from all over India to bond together, for elderly to meet their old friends, for younger ones to make new, to visit ancestors native villages, to buy traditional carpets, pasminas and to see and understand our culture. This will definitely encourage our cottage industry as well as promote tourism, resulting employment generation along with wealth generation. Neither we nor our children would like to rely or depend on government’s facilities forever. This is the era of competition and by nature we wish to live in the competitive environment.

  Indeed emphasizing on hand made products was a dream of Gandhi as it generates employment in the entire rural areas at the same time helps in checking exodus of rural population, products are environment friendly, give smell and touch of swadeshi. Hari Singh honestly spread swadeshi feel, he focused to protect our identity as bhotia tribe of johar valley, thus it is our duty to preserve our language , our culture , our traditional dress , food , folk songs and dances like dhuska-chachuri by passing information about the community down to generations otherwise they will always be confused about their community identity .No doubt our elders insisted community people to perform effectively and endeavor for remarkable achievements in all the fields, should be visible every where without loosing own identity. In order to translate thoughts of late hari Singh and other freedom fighters into tangible results, our elders had decided to organize Sri Hari samarak samaroh and which is regularly being held for more than five decades, thus, to a great extent we are able to come to their expectations. In the past years some of the notable persons and social figures of our valley that had been regularly visiting the function and contributing to make samaroh a grand success were regional freedom fighters, social workers like late Mangal Singh rawat, Late Durga Singh martolia, late lal Singh pangty, Late Hayat Singh brijwal and Gobardhan singh dhapwal etc.  When most of the families were shifting or migrating elsewhere for better opportunities, it was becoming difficult to run the celebration successfully this is why I wish to mention names like late Sri Megh singh jangpangi who motivated others and advised that samaroh has to continued and late Dham Singh jangpangi a primary teacher despite financial  problems arranged hari pradasani celeberation every year. He never worked for namesake; he was just a silent worker. Sarpanch Lok Bahadur Singh is also contributing his services in the foot steps of his father dhaam da. Unbelievable family contribution! Yes, it is true .

Hence I along with my wife smt pratima jangpangi, nokura, dumar / burfu,munsiari, presently at haldwani appeal and invite our valley people to please participate in the function and share your respective knowledge, experience to benefit our own people . We shall always welcome new ideas and suggestions to bring improvement.
Believe us hari pradasani samity’s commitment is social welfare for which hari Singh jangpangi struggled throughout his life.   His object was community to develop, let us all join hands in bringing our people together and protect our culture and help in growing it.